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This is everything I've released for Swords and Wizardry Whitebox as of April 3, 2019. This includes two supplements for White Star, which is based on Swords and Wizardry Whitebox

This is a sort of "by hand" bundle, since I originally produced and published these games on another platform.

A good portion of these are my Black Box Books series, where each supplement comes in pocketmod format. This allows you to print the whole supplement out on a single piece of paper that can be transformed with folds and a single cut into a tiny eight-page booklet with everything you need! Each Black Box Book supplement also has a PDF for normal-size printing, of course.

While written for Swords and Wizardry Whiteboxwith very little work most of this stuff should be compatible with any old school game based on the world-famous RPG whose name rhymes with "Truncheons and Flagons." 

Some of this material could even be useful for games a bit further afield, such as Dungeon WorldThe Qlippothic demon generator, for example.

Here is a very thumbnail summary of what you get in this bundle:

  • Five Year Mission : Like Star Trek? Like White StarWe got you covered.
  • The Rocker : Bring more rock and roll to your White Star game!
  • Demihuman Delvers : ton of new racial options for Swords and Wizardry White Box
  • Black Box Books -- Tome One: Astronauts And Ancients : Aliens (Greys) and Serpent Folk! Need I say more?
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Two: Buffoons And Blasters : Three silly classes and rayguns!
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Three: Cannibals and Confusion : Weird Monsters! Chaos Magick! Exclamation Points!
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Four: Doglocks and Draughts : Firearms and non-magical medicines. You'll probably need the latter after being shot with the former.
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Five: Enchantments and Effigies : The Pellar, a class based on real-life "cunning folk."
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Six: Fomorians and Faith : This is a complete mini-setting, a pocket dimension that pulls in people from all over time and space!
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Seven: Goetics and Gnostics : Two new classes and a Qlippothic demon generation system!
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Eight: Handlist of Horrors : FIFTY FIVE MONSTERS
  • Black Box Books -- Tome Nine: Ichthyosaurus and Ice : After taking a long break from these, I produced this, and I'm pretty pleased with it: Ice magic and a lost empire of intelligent ichthyosaurs!

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Black_Box_Books_--_Tome_Four_Doglocks_and_Draughts.zip 2 MB
Black_Box_Books_--_Tome_One_Astronauts_And_Ancients.zip 550 kB
Black_Box_Books_--_Tome_Three_Cannibals_and_Confusion.zip 3 MB
Black_Box_Books_--_Tome_Two_Buffoons_And_Blasters.zip 627 kB
Demihuman_Delvers.zip 4 MB
IVU011_BBB6_bonus_stuff_SEP07.zip 51 MB
IVU011_BBB6_complete.zip 35 MB
IVU021-BBB7.zip 3 MB
pocketmod_instructions_for_Black_Box_Books.jpg 43 kB
The_Rocker.pdf 668 kB
5_Year_Mission.zip 2 MB

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I am just wondering why there is no BBB9 in the downloads. Nevertheless, I am glad that I was able to grab this while I can. Good job!


BBB9 didn't exist when I put this together. I can't guarantee this package will always have everything in it onward INTO THE FUTURE, but when I'm not on my phone, I'll go ahead and throw BBB9 in there. 

I see.

I am sorry to ask, but what would be the exclusive content I would get if I paid above 8.00?

(1 edit)

Ah, I see the confusion. That "exclusive content" thing is boilerplate for the itch.io feature I'm using to allow for free community copies. If I could turn it off, I would. There isn't anything extra. But that's the only way I can set up community copies for those who can't afford the game otherwise.

Actually, if you paid more, I'd add even more community copies to the bin, so there would be more for other people due to your generosity. So there's that.