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The Cat Hack takes the OSR rules of The Black Hack (1E) and modifies it to work with a minimalist setting where the player characters are all cats!

This is a complete game! The Black Hack is not required, tho I encourage everyone to purchase the excellent parent game.

Humans are frail creatures. Most of them aren't equipped to deal with the supernatural. That's where cats come in!

Only cats can see the threats. Only cats have the spells and abilities to deal with them. Once they're done with their nap, of course!

The game features four kitty classes: Battle Cat, Lithe One, Shaman Cat, and Pretty Kitty. While the Shaman Cat specializes in magic, all cats have access to spells!

The game is set in the modern day by default, with a sort of urban fantasy vibe. However, there are notes for using kitties in a traditional fantasy setting or a scifi setting with The Black Hack (first edition) and The Space Hack, respectively!

Everything you need to start your adorable adventure is here, in a streamlined 16-page OSR ruleset!

Written by Kirt A. Dankmyer
Cover art by “Lorc” under CC BY 3.0 license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsadorable, Cats, kitty, OSR, rules-lite, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game, urban-fantasy, wtf


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Lemn Demnon

This game is a huge hit every time I run it! I would like to send you the character sheet template I made up for it.

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Please do! My email is xiombarg@gmail.com

I'm really glad people are enjoying it. Feel free to share stories!

Sent. Today's one-shot was adapted from a Call of Cthulhu adventure and it went great! Steal Breath and Dread Gaze are some hella effective spells! LOL