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Those who know magic exists at all are the rich and teams of breakers like yourself that go into the jartowns for the Archons. Jartowns are created by burning folk alive in a wicker man, in a ritual known only to the oldest jet-setting Archons.

A jartown is an isolated area of spacetime that was cut out of our reality. Most jartowns consist of a small amount of space (enough for a suburb or town) and a loop of several years. Jartowns become more magickal and horrific with each loop, creating madstones. 

Madstones are small things, from actual stones to human organs, infused with concentrated, distilled magic. They're secretly coveted by the wealthy.


In this tiny 24XX-based tabletop RPG, players are breakers, desperate folk from the occult underground who find a way into the jartowns, hothouses for magick, to perform errands for the ultrarich Archons.

Play as a variety of roles, from sawbones to sinner to spook, and choose to hail from one of four origins, including jartown native.

The game is small, streamlined, and rules-light. Much is deliberately left up to interpretation. The game can be as horrific, or even darkly comedic, as the group wants.

24XX rules & document layout by Jason Tocci under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0). 

The changes and additions made for this game by Kirt A. Dankmyer fall under the same license (CC BY 4.0).  

Art CC BY BEEPLE, again under the same license (CC BY 4.0). For the cover, the art was cropped and text was added.

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Tags24xx, fkr, Horror, jarpunk, OSR, rules-lite, Surreal, Tabletop, tabletop-role-playing-game


Get this tabletop RPG and 61 more for $0.00 USD
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