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This is a supplement for White Star with a sort of Star Trek theme. If you're a fan of Star Trek, Andromeda, or Farscape, and even if you're not, there's a lot for you to like here!

What do you get?

  • FIVE (5) new classes: Engineer, Expendable, Guerilla, Sawbones, and Scientist, as well as additional notes on the core classes from White Star!
  • FOUR (4) new racial classes: Disgraced, Living Starship, Quixoitic Alien, and Simulacrum!
  • NEW EQUIPMENT that you can requisition, including weapons with a "stun" setting and badge communicators!
  • FOUR (4) new starships and THREE (3) new starship modifications, including the Quantum Teleporter!
  • NINETEEN (19) new NPC alien races, including a table to randomly determine the appearance of your own aliens!
  • SIX (6) random tables for space exploration! HEXCRAWLS... IN... SPAAAAACE!
  • A complete setting in TWO (2) different eras, THE CONTESTED ZONE!

What are you waiting for? You can afford it. Treat yourself before the utopian post-scarcity economy kicks in!

The zip file contains a 67-page PDF and several image files of the maps of the sample setting.

Compatible with both White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying and Swords and Wizardry WhiteBoxAlso, quite easy to use with ANY old school game based on a game whose name rhymes with "Truncheons and Flagons!"

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsHex Based, OSR, Space, Tabletop


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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