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As a volunteer for the  private paramilitary group Project Aftertime, your health was altered and your brain preserved so you could be revived after society collapsed. 

You awoke in an unfamiliar base filled with unfamiliar technology, with even stranger ultratech outside. 

The Event the wastelanders describe makes no sense. "The gods left us."


This game is based on the 24XX SRD, but it's a little different. 

As you and your friends explore the weird wastelands outside your half-functional Project Aftertime base, you'll be using a simple diceless system. You'll need to shepherd your resources, just like the wastelanders did after the gods left.

However, if you're played 24XX or 2400, you'll find all the familiar trappings except the dice.

24XX rules & document layout by Jason Tocci under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0). 

The changes and additions made for this game by Kirt A. Dankmyer fall under the same license (CC BY 4.0).  

Art CC BY BEEPLE, again under the same license (CC BY 4.0). For the cover, the art was cropped and text was added.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tags24xx, diceless, fkr, OSR, Post-apocalyptic, rules-lite, Sci-fi


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I think this a pretty cool diceless concept. Perhaps I missed it while reading through, but I was wondering about mid-game ways to replenish pools - do you only recover points when you finish a mission, etc.?

Thank you! 

It's in there, just easy to miss. Under"Advancement" it says you refresh pools after every mission. So that and a possible mid-mission refresh are primarily when you refresh. 


I did see that but I wondered if there are other situations that could replenish points mid-session. I guess that’s the kind of thing that can be determined by whoever’s running it!

Like all 24XX games, there is a lot that's deliberately up to the table to interpret. That said, the back explicitly lists refresh as a mid-mission reward. I'd give the PCs a chance to rest once per mission, and then choose one of the rewards for them during rest. 

You could also steal from my other game, 20XX Kitten, and let them refresh when they sleep. Unlike kittens, I'd say a full night's sleep is needed for a human to refresh rather than just a nap. 


This is an excellent adaptation of the 24XX rules set! I'm curious to see what a character sheet for this would look like with so many pools constantly in flux

I imagine something like the Nobilis character sheet (snipped below) would work. I'd just write the number for each pool (rather than bubbles for attribute like Nobilis has), but have bubbles to fill in/ tick off for the actual Effort (like MPs in Nobilis).

Maybe I'll make a character sheet later; it shouldn't be too hard.